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My Sailing-Maia
We go sailing around the world and want to take you along
After a long time of thinking and preparing we sold our house in beginning of 2019 and we are about to move on our sailboat MÃIA. In the second half of this year we start our circumnavigation.
We like to entertain you and take you as a part to all our adventures on our journey. On the following pages we want to present you our motivation, our history and all the ups and downs.
And of course about the main character Leo.
And maybe you like to support us.

„We“ are Leo, the smallest but most important aboard. Born in Oct 2018 in our house at that time in Stipsdorf.

Claudia, selfemployed occupational therapist and just recently Leo´s mum.

Peer, Leo´s dad and Claudias Husband, so far selfemployed lighting director. For 3 years we planed this adventure.

We will describe our backstory and motivation about that in our videos and blogs. We want to take you with us on this journey, we want you to joy and explore with us the most beautiful places. And maybe we cn spend you some relaxing moments and dreams. If we manage do inspire you, maybe you like to support us on Patreon or our website. That can help us to continue to produce beautiful content for you, Thank you very much for everything, also a „like“ will help us.

Thanks and love from Leo, Claudia & >Peer
And of course our lovely and very old shepherd "Lina"
And this is MÃIA. A Taswell 49, built by Ta Shing boatyard in Taiwan. Extremley strong and reliable, extensive equiped as bluewater cruiser with enormous saftey reserve and living space. The term MÃIA has its source in the Maori language and is representing meanings like confidence, alignement and determination. All that are characteristics that are awarded to the maori symbol of the turtle. Like our emblem.
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