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My Sailing-Maia
Here you can follow or support us directly. You also can help if you look and like our videos or follow our profiles on the social plattforms.
First oppurtunity for you is to send us a mail via our contact form. We will provide you with our newsletter with informations about new videos, poject, meetings etc.

As you maybe know, we have two geust cabins with each two bunks on the Mãia. Perhaps you have a mind to join us on a leg on our journey. Ofcourse kids are welcome as well. We will post on all chanels, when we are looking for guests, then you can make an application with a little introduction video of you. If you need sailing experience depends on the individual case. More important are passion and joy. All the requirements, rules and suggestion for a trip on a sailboat will send to you separateley. And how about the costs... we will charge a all inklusive price that contains the costs for ship and traveling. We don´t earn money with that, its only the costs, you can join us also with a small budget. For that you didn´t get a cruise trip than more a take apart adventure. In that price everything is included. Depending on the area we have different minimum booking time and starts with 2 weeks. For sure you have a lot of questions, don´t hesitate to ask us.

The easiest way is a sub. You can visit our Patreon account and spend us a little gift for every episode video.
We start in July with one video per month and will increase to one per week. You can start with 2 USD.
<<<<< follow this link on the left
Or you want to support us once for 5 € and spend fuel for a dinghi ride with leo to the beach.
If you want to fill our fridge you can support our next shopping excurse with 20,-€.
You also can invite the complete travel party for dinner for 50,-€...
If you want, that we celebrate you and glorify your name every day, you can refuel the ship for 1000,-€.
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